In film making visual effect (VFX) is the development or controlling of any on-screen representation that in real life does not physically exist. It empowers the filmmakers to produce objects, creatures, environments, and even people that would in practical terms be absolutely impossible to shoot in the circumstances of a real or a live-action shot.

Why is VFX important?

VFX is quite a significant form of technology that has revolutionized the entire industry. It not only helps an artist to create various scenes under the budget but at the same time helps in saving a lot of time as well. In addition, it can easily assist you as an artist to exhibit aliens and dragons and also other impossible things which contrarily would need other visual tools. So VFX/Animation will resume holding importance in an ever-moving and ever-growing digital world. At Dreamzone Ameerpet we keep the latest technology updated for the benefit of ours, students.

Why would you like to work in Visual Effects?

Well, maybe because it is a career that contains an accurate mix of creative storytelling with cutting-edge technology. Another reason could be your love for films and that you have a dream to hang out on a set surrounded by your favorite movie stars. And, even this could also be a reason as well that you want an adventurous career that allows you to not only travel the whole world but also work from the comfort of your home. Dreamzone Hyderabad India has achieved many awards which help us to perform the best. And that makes us the best institute in Hyderabad and Karimnagar.

There are endless reasons as to why would you prefer to work in this amazing industry and also there are over a dozen of promising career pathways that would open up for you in and across different industries.

How should you start to learn VFX?

Basically put, the best way to learn this art is to join up a professional course because all you need is to be surrounded and supported by the experts who can guide you all the way out. Moreover, in order to get effective results you also must follow strict schedules and tasks that only an efficient training platform can provide you.

Irrespective of your learning style, the most significant thing you do is to make a start. It’s that easy. All you need is to take a book, begin to sketch, view, and inspect a movie and documentaries which educate about visual effects or just take part in local events. Just take a start. And our team at Dreamzone Ameerpet will help you in all possible ways to help you create a mark.

How long does it take to learn VFX?

The time span of a VFX course is based upon mainly two factors, the particular level and the nature of the program. In addition, the short-term course normally continues from a period of 2 months up to 1 year while a proper degree level course may take as much as 3 years to be completed.

How much money does Visual Effects pay?

There are always exceptions to this rule in any industry around the world, however, the following information should very clearly provide you a decent idea about the standard salaries at various stages of your career as a  Visual Effects artist. The information mentioned below is based upon different industry surveys and numerous government databases.


US:  $22,000 – $52,000                       GBP: 17,000 – 40,000                       AUD: $31,000 – $74,000


US: $67,000 – $100,000                     GBP: 52,000 – 78,000                        AUD: $95,000 – $143,000

SUPERVISORS & MANAGEMENT US: $100,000 – $136,000        GBP: 78,000 – 104,000                      AUD: $143,000 – $190,000

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