Your Almirah is a great place for creative upcycling projects.

In Upcycling we turn an existing item into something of more value. Those lazy old jeans can be made into an organized shopping tote, a tank top, or a woven floor mat. Upcycling helps in saving energy and other requirement used to produce new cloth.

You can also use your clothes and, turn the fabric into something useful but less in monetary price than the original item. Turn soft but no longer wearable cotton T-shirts into clothes for dusting, a wearable for your dog, or a cuddly small pet hammock.

In this Pandemic era, people have made face masks with their not so wearable clothes.

There are some great cloth materials for making a craft or fixing new projects that are probably hanging in your Almirah right now:

· types of Denim like jeans and jackets

· Cotton shirts

· T-shirts

· Cotton top or dress

· Kurtis

· Bedsheets and pillow covers

· Woolen sweaters and blankets

By using various methods you can cut, sew, stick, and renovate unwanted clothes into new, fun, and stylish clothes or craft items. Here are some ideas for renovating clothes that are not needed:

·        Cutting – Fabrics and scissors are a perfect pair when you’re creating something new with unused clothes. Renovations can be as simple as cutting pants or into shorts or just hemming the split ends (or leaving the split ends for a casual look). You can cut it into strips and weave a rug from it. Dreamzone Hyderabad Fashion courses give much knowledge that you can use in upcycling your clothes.

  • Reuse old T-shirts into a new product If you have drawers full of old T-shirts then give them a new beginning – cut and start weaving them into totes, make some into crop tops, or find another way to reuse the cloth.
  • T-shirt material is a fantasy for renovating either upcycle or down cycle they will always be useful as when you cut, T-shirts their ends doesn’t split, so you can cut and use them without the requirement to hem them. You can also use it as knitting thread to make ragged rugs, macramé or pillow covers, or cushion covers.
  • Or simply cover your storage or organization baskets to look nice and beautiful. Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar provide different techniques to students to use in the future in their endeavors.

Renovate dresses or kurta’s into stylish tops or skirts

Remember that cute dress you didn’t wear much? flip it into a top or even a skirt for the kids. You can use a simple different color hem or add a cute belt or just change the pattern of the sleeves.

Knit sew, and crochet

Don’t leave these traditional methods behind to fix mend-up clothes you’ve used a lot. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are time-valued skills you can learn and have fun as you add beautiful variation to your clothes.

Hem a long skirt into a shorter version or transform leggings or pants into shorts. Add a contrasting color piece to an existing skirt. You can sew a lace hem onto shorts or a crocheted accent onto a blouse for a charming touch.

There are many ways to renovate your clothes. The fashion design courses at Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar are in-depth and provide updated methods and techniques for the betterment of society as well.

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