Course Overview

Fashion designing industry growth is fuel demanding for individuals with a more selective, determined, and proactive approach to creativity. Master the fundamentals of making & designing fabrics by creating original concepts and indulge into the world of fashion.

Course Objective

The course aims to provide fashion designers a clear perspective on creativity and its application in innovative fashion design. The curriculum presents fashion design as a fun, invigorating, topical and rewarding art. It introduces techniques for students to get new, fresh and original design ideas.

Professional in Fashion Design

Course Curriculum

The program comes with all core fashion design modules like sketching, pattern making, garment construction, draping, and embroidery. It teaches differentiation of colors – primary, secondary, tertiary, and complementary; principles of repetition, gradation, rhythm, radiation, harmony, contrast, dominance, emphasis, and proportion. This design-oriented course gives students a professional portfolio of fashion design.

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