Photography is a wonderful form of self-expression. In this digital era when everything is on the Internet, a powerful picture gives a strong message. It has a lot of demand in this space as it has a high value in the marketing field.

Usually, photographers tell a story by their images or they share a recorded number of events by using their creative mind, technical skills, and organization skills. You get so many options to choose from certificate or diploma courses in India. But few colleges only provide an undergraduate degree in photography. Dreamzone Ameerpet is one of the best institutes to provide quality education and understanding of the subject in detail.

You can start any diploma or certificate course just after completing the 12th. The photography course contains the knowledge of lighting, camera angle, photographs, technical knowledge of tools, different type of cameras, and understanding of fine arts. Many institutes and colleges in India provide the traditional course but few institutes only provide it as a second subject. So it depends on the students which course they want to study.

There are many options to choose from like digital photography, basic photography, professional photography, motion picture photography, Basic photography, photojournalism, etc. Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar are the best institutes in Hyderabad to teach photography in skills and simple way. We have 100+ Centres in INDIA and Abroad. Premier Institution in Telangana with NSDC & Skill India Certification, 

After completing your 12th you can go for any three levels like 

Certificate course: Certificate courses are of small-time duration and are usually taken by professionals They can be anywhere from 3 months to 6months. And the domains under these are 

· Basic photography 

· Wedding photography

Diploma Course Diploma course is always of at least 6 months and above and they include :

· Wedding photography,

· Basic photography, 

· Wildlife photography, 

· Fashion photography, 

· Journalism photography.

Degree Course – The degree courses are for 3 years.

They are: B.A. – fine arts and B.A.- photography

Career expectations :

Photography is a very fun and exciting job as you travel and dress up according to the desired workplace where you are going. It’s just like having fun and doing all that you want to do with someone else spending for you.

Job roles that you can be hired are as follows :

Portrait photographers 

wildlife photographers,


feature photographers, 

forensic photographers, 

fine arts photographers, 


Scientific photographers,

fashion and advertising photographers,

event photographers.

Required skills to become a photographer :

 To become a photographer you should be creative and you should know technical aspects too. Quality in color, visuals, & lights is important to a photographer so you should develop an interest in this also. As technology is developing the field of photography is continuously developing with it. You will require the above skills to become a successful photographer. You have to be super active and dedicated are required in this field. You must be open to learning and be fast and quick if you choose this career. At Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar we provide proper knowledge and better understanding for our students to get a good job in the market.

As a fresher, you can earn anywhere around Rs.15ooo/- to Rs.25000/- The salary depends on the employer and his work and standard. And with the experience, the salary increases to 3-5lakhs per annum. And you can apply to other big platforms. Many photographers are even higher on an hourly basis. It is dependent on talent and experience.

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