The tragedy last year has boomed the VFX and animation industry like never before the reason is all the people are connected to their devices most of the time. So, this resulted in the pattern on which stories were told earlier to VFX and animation. And the business that had nothing to do with VFX and animation are now into this industry for holding the customers.

If we see anything artificial on the screen this is due to VFX only. Aliens attack, Bomb blast, The actions of superheroes, and many more. A post-production team with good knowledge of VFX is very important now a day. We at Dreamzone Hyderabad have 100+ Centres in INDIA and Abroad and we are regularly updating ourselves with the trend in the market with the industry experts visiting us.

The demand for OTT content has spiked due to the dramatic change in consumer behavior The films like Avengers Inception, Baahubali and how can we not mention Game of Thrones. The dragon of Khaleesi was made in India by Prana Studios!!

The Oscar for VFX winner TENET is indulged in such a soothing way to be more real than it looks. These are the most popular from the industry that most people know about but there are many more in this row.

The fallout of the industry was secured by animation and VFX. Animation and VFX have grown over the past year. The work of editors and creators from the studios has shifted to VFX and Animation remote work. Dreamzone institute Hyderabad India has received many awards like the Fast Emerging IT-Enabled Creative Training Institute of the Year Award. by INDIA INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE SUMMIT2017. Which helps us to give more support to our students and make ourselves the best in Hyderabad and Karimnagar.

International work potential:-

If we check the data the Indian Animation sector has achieved a profit from 70 to 75percent alone from the international customers.

The original programming has changed from 1,200 hours to 2,500 hours from 2020 to 2021. The EY analysis states that international revenue will increase by 60 percent while domestic revenue will increase by 40 percent. Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar always keep an eye on the data provided by resources.

All our courses are job-oriented. Animation and VFX are some of the popular courses that can give you a job after completing the course and the eligibility is intermediate. Imagine earning when your friends are still pursuing their degrees. The experts from the industry are saying that this is an omnipresent course and is more popular than any other course. If you are looking for a bright career with job prospects then this is a course for you. You can have a recognized and valuable certification course from Dreamzone Hyderabad that will help you to get into the real world of animation and VFX. We are the best institute in Hyderabad and Karimnagar and enrolling with us will surely give your career a turn that is required to achieve success.

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