According to a leading magazine’s quote, the creative sector is blooming now in India due to various reasons. The magazine states that more than 1 lakh interior designers are required by the industry at present time and in the coming time as well.

In the current scenario, the modern Indian family is looking for space-saving yet beautiful houses on their own budget. There is a huge exposure to different cultures due to world tourism and experiencing global cultures. Indians are looking for good interior designers for their homes as their income has increased and expenditures have also increased so they can have a decent lifestyle. This is the main reason behind the high demand by people. The traditional joint family structure is changed to the nuclear family because of the work environment. The space per capita has decreased which results in an increase in space-saving homes is a must. Interior Designing with a valid certification will surely help in getting a good career with the best salary package in the industry. Freelance Designer is also hired nowadays by individuals.

This is why space-saving designs are attracting people to adopt their lifestyles. It has become a need of the hour then the choice. Those who have a creative mind are likely to be hired more. The creative industry is developing day by day in lakhs and crores.

Skills required to have in an Interior Designer: –

  • You should know color combinations, architecture spatial arrangements and textiles, and many other skills too regarding the current situation.
  • Keep a detailed eye on each and everything.
  • Be updated with the latest trend and designs.
  • Have good communication.

Our course will help you in getting a job opportunity then you can choose to work with private and public spaces and within a huge range of buildings and sites as you develop as a versatile designer. The course covers the conceptual, theoretical, and practical skills needed to become a successful Designer.

You’ll learn historical and contextual studies, giving you a knowledge of the relationship between design theory and practice. You’ll also analyze the material qualities of spaces so that you can specify fixtures and fittings.

  • Lectures, seminars, and workshops
  • Guided research and reading
  • Examination of projects, simulated or real
  • Analysis of work-based scenarios
  • Independent learning through individual learning plans
  • Tutored classroom sessions
  • Visiting speakers and guest lecturers
  • Detailed study of the work-based layout.
  • Reading and research are guided by our mentors.
  • We provide in-house lectures and seminars along with workshops.
  • Creating individual learning plans and supporting them too.
  • Timely Visits of guest lecturers and speakers.

Is there any difference between decorators and designers?

Anyone with a creative mind can become a decorator but not an interior designer. If you have a good sense of colors and fabrics you can become a Decorator but not an interior designer because Interior design is a course that enhances the creativity of a person. Both are different to be an interior designer you should have a certificate showing your knowledge of technical knowledge about the industry.

Interior Design specializations

Interior design is not only about designing an office or home.

There are several career opportunities in interior designing from which one can choose, such as furniture designers, exhibition designers, lighting designers, kitchen designers, architects, architectural technologists, product designers textile designers, stylists, production designers.

Do not be confused with the names it sounds technical but the salary is way too good. You can call us or visit us for any doubt. Our team at Dream zone Hyderabad and Karimnagar are always there to help you. For more details you can contact:

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