Either you’re on a limited budget, or you want to reduce landfill waste, or you have a thought for both, renovating your wardrobe that you have right now instead of buying a new one is easy than you think. Everyone should have a good wardrobe. And we buy new clothes without keeping in mind the ones kept in the closet. You can surely give your wardrobe an economical but fun fashion kick. At Dreamzone Hyderabad we help our students to be creative and do something that can go simultaneously and smoothly with their careers.

We can help you create an eco-friendly wardrobe for yourself.

Give your clothes another life –

  • We all have those must-have purchases in our wardrobe, that are still waiting for their turn with the tag on it. And at last, we forget it is still there.
  • Don’t just throw clothes: instead, give them a second life by using them. According to the EPA, 10 million tons of clothes went to landfills. And only 14%of clothes and shoes could be recycled that year.
  • You can do your part to decrease landfill waste. Producing new cloth needs energy, water, and other resources so if we renovate our clothes and use them certainly it will create less production. Another important thing is if you know fashion designing then definitely it will help you to create a new style for yourself as well for others so go and get a certificate in fashion designing and start earning changing and renovating others wardrobe too. Dreamzone Hyderabad provides the best knowledge in the fashion industry. 

Clothes renovation alternative           

Let’s get into it and resolve which clothes stay, which clothes should go, and which are good for renovating. Organize an arrangement on how to start. Some people collect types of clothes together; others people organize them according to use or colors.

Whichever arrangement you like use it, and hold it, recheck the organizing process every next month, or once a year. Turning them into your regular wardrobe options brings new variety.

How regularly do you use it? Do you still look good in it?

As you move along your wardrobe, question yourself how regularly do you use it. How about that outdated pair of leggings or that forgotten Kurti? Those make a good renovating, and you could transform that dress into the new style of Kurti with a belt or different types of sleeves. If you haven’t worn any cloth for a year, give them serious thought and renovate them or remove it from your Closet.

You liked a dress 10 years ago when you couldn’t resist but to buy it. And you still, think that you cannot live without it? This type of item is a good choice for a small or big transformation.

What to do with clothes you don’t need?

By now definitely, you would know what you want to keep? What do you have to renovate and what will you have to give away? Separate them accordingly and you may think about it to sell them on social media or donate them to thrift shops or just give them away to the one with need. This way the clothes will be lively and not be dumped in the landfills. At Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar, it is very easy for the students to go eco-friendly. Our courses are easy and job-oriented and have a simple structure to get a good job in this field.

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