At Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar branches we teach our students the core techniques and methods so they can use them in many different ways. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few techniques that can be used for Renovating a wardrobe.


Tie-dye can never be outdated. Vibrant and fun, tie & dye can transform white shirts or others into different colors with a style quotient in it and works super with those with stains.

If are not comfortable with tie&dye, you can use various painting materials on clothes to swap their look to a stylish one.

Bleach technique 

We all have dark clothes, you can change into something more colorful by bleaching a portion of them. And then you can put colors to these portions and it will be a new creation of your own. 

Mend or fix your old clothes

Rather than throwing away torn clothes try to repair them. Stick on or sew something that is trending in the market on those jeans, and change the buttons on your sweaters. 

Denim jeans and jackets

Denim jeans are incredibly adaptable for reuse projects. Stitch some patches or stick some lace on existing jeans, you can use fabric paint and decorate it with flowers, symbols, or cool sayings and be-jewel it too.

Denim is a strong cloth material strength can be made into totes, curtains that block the light you can make a rug reupholstering chair covers. Use denim to make pillows, baskets, or quilts.


The kid’s clothes are torn very easily and it doesn’t last for years. You can give it a quick fix with contrasting colored fabric. You can stitch a fabric inside to give it a textured look.

More closet renovation ideas

There are many creative and reasonable ways to make your clothes look fresh and trendy.

Always keep a few basics in your Almirah. Keep a solid color jacket or sweater, a classic top, and a basic saree that can go with multiple ensembles. These basics with other clothes will mix and match and provide a great and fresh look. Mix and match colors and patterns. This increases your daily ensemble variety and choices. Keep an eye on classic, casual, and business jackets that can match most of the tops or jeans, or pants.

 DIY’s are Persisting and everlasting

Renovating your closet can be as large and creative as you won’t – let your DIY fashion imagination spread its wings. Make an effort to paint, stitch, or use tie&dye methods, and if you mix it up, that’s OK: as it is a part of the process of learning and doing experiments.

Be happy and excited about your new closet. You will be happy to save money and help the earth and give your clothes a second life and your wardrobe a new look.  At Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar, we take it very seriously the knowledge given to students as the fashion industry is unpredictable and we try to make our course easy and job-oriented for all the fashion lover students.

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