One indeed gets to need different skills and grades required in best designing while doing a course. But, in some way, it is necessary to have a few skills previously in them. These skills will help you to understand the course in a better way and make it an easy and more funfilled experience to follow. Communication skills, professional craft knowledge, and the capability to imagine a concept are all important. All these skills will help you to understand the idea of designing simply and easily. At Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar, we provide our students with the best quality education in this field.

Jewelry designing is a massive course that has many career choices such as a jewel designer, gem grinder, gem polisher, scientist, sales representative, grading consultant, and many more. Public and private sectors are open for you to choose for in future.

Like any other course, jewellery designing you can take admission in any of the courses after completing 12th. Once you have passes your high school, you can apply to any of the best institutes in India like Dreamzone Hyderabad or Karimnagar. We provide the best quality education in this field. We are Premier Institution in Telangana with NSDC & Skill India Certification, Gunnies World Record Achiever, Unique World Record Achiever, Limca Book of Records Achiever, Best Fashion & Design Institute in India Award. by ASIA TODAY, Fast Emerging IT-Enabled Creative Training Institute of the Year Award. by INDIA INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE SUMMIT2017.


Like any other designing field, this also plays well in the market. is a myth that jewellery design course fees are more expensive. When you choose a designing career as your lifelong career then you have to put in extra effort and likely you get paid in at the exact payroll. Jewellery designers have huge options to choose from, that can provide a good salary and reputation in the entire industry. But you should know that these choices will need a good amount of hard work too. Usually, the average starting salary is around INR 15,000 to INR 25,000 per month, which increases according to the experience. If you choose to be a business owner and start an enterprise, you can easily earn lakhs and crores per annum.

Jewellery designing is one of the best awarding careers, especially in a place like India where tradition is the first to come for all. For any person who has a good sense of trends in fashion and jewelry and keeps an eye for detail for small things, jewellery designing is the best career choice to make. Furthermore, India has been a country where jewellery was worn by ancient times and is a very important part of a women’s life. 

This makes jewellery a very important part of the Indian market. Technology nowadays plays a major role as it is easy to use and at Dreamzone Hyderabad and Karimnagar, we keep ourselves updated with the market trends and skills requirements. We provide all sorts of assistance from internships to assistance for job placements too.

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